Fitted Table Covers

- Attractive and professional display 
- Can be fully printed with your graphics, images, or logo 
- Each printed tablecloth is stitched on the back for proper table alignment
- Ideal for weddings, dining rooms, dressing up lobbies and other social events
- Available in solid colors as well.

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Fitted Table Covers made in a factory specializing in custom table cover design and production. This tablecloth is full of the particular elements, we use the high quality of polyester to make this tablecloth and it is

different from the high elasticity. This special material makes the tabletop lines very beautiful with active energy.

We chose heat transfer printing technology to print elastic table cover fabric, so the logo color is very strong and not easy to fade.

Very full-color pattern after printing, it will show a very bright and beautiful printing effect.

The best quality of Fitted Table Covers:

The polyester fabric is machine washable and fire retardant. Reinforced and stitched table leg pockets make it very easy to install for a creative luxury look and take off, allowing you to keep the tablecloth firmly in place.

There are various colors that are offered. Furthermore, it is highly timeproof, stretchable, and affordable.

It is one of the most widely used custom tabletops. The most striking feature is that it can be freely designed and optional customized from the stove. In other words, we can create based on your idea according to the actual situation.

At, we are a manufacturer that has been focusing on products and services for years. We focus on supplying custom solutions for our customers in custom Fitted Table Covers, but not only for

Fitted Table Covers, but we also manufacture custom flags, teardrop flags, feather flags, vehicle magnets, and other related articles. 

Because we have extremely rich experience in manufacturing and service, our own professional designer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to supply and design for you to satisfy you in both quality and time. 

We can offer all kinds of free templates for you. We can provide professional shipping services as well.

With a high-quality professional team, we can establish a personalized process here to provide you with the best and unique services. We hope to be your long-term reliable manufacturer!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any requirements for Fitted Table Covers or any other advertising or professional banners.

Just provide us with your pattern design, and confirm the design printing and give some feedback.

We have a professional designer who for 24/7 for the offer and makes design for you, and we can offer all kinds of free templates for you.

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