Feather Flags

- Made of high-quality material that is weather-resistant and durable.

- One and two-sided printing.

- Durable and easy assembling.

- Portable and lightweight

- Easy to assemble and comes with a very practical carrying case.

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Advertising is crucial to the success of a business, but running a marketing campaign isn't always cheap. In many cases, doing something effective does not necessarily mean that it should cost you an eye. 

If you are looking for an ingenious way to promote new services and products and reach more potential customers without paying a fortune, why not do it with a Feather Flag? This is a truly economical long-term investment and a sure way to grab the attention of anyone who passes by. You know why?

- The main advantage of promotional feather flags is their visibility. Thanks to the different sizes and formats available, you will be able to find a perfect model for every situation or event, whether indoors or outdoors.

- Get attention with a creative design: Offer your customers something worth remembering, such as a custom feather flag printed with your logo or brand, with vibrant colors or striking images. 

With creative advertising banners, you can easily attract the attention of your customers, ensuring that they associate your business with something positive. In this way, your brand will be recorded in the memory of others simply and quickly.

- The advertising flags are easy to carry and transport thanks to the cover they include. In this way, you can take your promotional material wherever you go.

- As they are made with quality materials and resistant to water, they last a long time, thus avoiding in a short time having to invest in them again.

With these personalized flags, you will save money, since you can reuse them over and over again for all your campaigns and promotional events.

If you prefer something more classic and elegant, you can choose the typical ‘flag for the mast’, specially designed to make them fly from high up. 

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more creative that will make your business stand out, the best alternative is the Feather Flag.

Which custom flag format best suits my business?

Having different options when designing your flag can be exciting, but also a little daunting with all those questions: How do I make the right choice of my flag for an event? Will it work for the format I have chosen? What happens if I choose the wrong one? Do not worry. Just get in touch with us through bannersignworld.com and our experienced representative will guide you the best.

Graphic Material: Flag Fabric

Graphic Weight:90 GSM

Hardware Material: Carbon Composite Fiber Glass.

Pole Diameter

Highest Pole Diameter:4 mm

Lowest Pole Diameter:23 mm

Base Option: Cross Base/ Spike Base

Finishing: Black pole pocket at the left side

Base Specification

Spike Base

Leg Length:20"

Base Diameter:13.5 mm

Holder Diameter:16.5mm

Cross Base

Leg Length:14.5"(4nos)

Ground Clearance:55mm

Base Diameter:13.5mm

Holder Diameter:16.5mm

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