Custom Canopy Tents

- High-quality commercial tents.

- They are perfect for placement on any type of terrain, both indoors and outdoors. 

- They have a multitude of printing modalities and are fully customizable. 

- It can be customized to meet your needs.

- Protection from elements.

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Custom Canopy Tents for events are increasingly in demand among our clients. This product is ideal for creating a corporate space, creating the perfect scene for any commercial activity.

These corporate tents are frequently found at congresses and fairs, forming part of the business furniture. With them, you can delimit the space of your brand with the colors of the same, generating a perfect commercial environment. In them, you can offer commercial information or make promotions for your products.

These Custom Canopy Tents can be applied to a multitude of contexts in addition to the business world. It is often used by associations, sports teams, NGOs, or public groups for placement in specific settings (News-stands, demonstrations, popular parties, etc.) or public places. 

These printed tents allow rapid recognition of the colors and aesthetics of the responsible organization, making them ideal for creating meeting points of some relevance.

Detachable personalized tent for transport:

Our folding Custom Canopy Tents are mounted on an aluminum frame structured in the form of a movable frame, which allows transport. The entire structure is designed to be conveniently stowed in a small volume. Thanks to the lightness, the assembly of our tents are very simple and can be carried out in a few minutes.

Along with the tent, in online printing we administer your transport bag with wheels for free, so you can take it anywhere.

Our every Custom Canopy Tents are made of maximum strength windproof nautical flag fabric. This fabric is waterproof and has a high capacity for absorbing wind and solar radiation, minimizing damage and extending its useful life.

Our folding tents for printing are widely used in commercial congresses. In these, they usually share spaces with other products, such as our personalized stands or printed canvas. 

What is the advantage of having a personalized tent?

- Attract more customers and visitors to your folding tent

- 100% personalized tent with a unique design.

- Stand out above your competition.

- Associate the tent with your brand 

- Add important information about your business

- Announce an event or service

What content do I put in my Custom Canopy Tents?

- Logo, shield, emblems, names or QR code

- Business information (web page, telephone, e-mail, location, etc)

- Texts (message, slogan, etc.)

- Images of services or products

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