A company planning to present itself at an exhibition often buys a place of the largest possible size according to the budget and prints a custom banner and standard distribution materials (business cards, flyers, booklets). The staff at the stand is bored, there is no dynamic, and potential customers pass by without being interested in anything. Custom table banner materials go to paper "collectors". The exhibition results are quite sad: no new contacts or orders exist. And the whole thing is that the stand turned out to be boring and unmemorable. Try changing your approach. Here are some tips on making your stand more attractive and interesting to maximise visitors' interest in the exhibition.

Start well before the exhibition.

Before the exhibition, study the interests and preferences of your customers: why they go to the event and what they want to find. And at the same time, think about what promotional gifts they would like to receive.

Come up with a hashtag, and follow it with all news related to the exhibition on social networks and the company's blog. Also, make sure that the hashtag is present in all printed products for the exhibition, signs, and possibly uniforms of employees who will be present at the stand.



In general, a specially tailored staff uniform will favorably distinguish you from other exhibition participants and show that your company has been preparing for it for a long time, even considering the clothes.

Analyze the behavior of major market players at the exhibition. There may be methods of attracting attention that can be adopted. For example, organize a lottery or competition or offer a small treat.

Distances itself from the concept of a "help desk."

In most cases, employees sit inside the booth and wait for interested customers to start asking them questions. No need to wait. Send your people to the "field", let them be the first to ask questions, and bring people to dialogue. Even if a person is looking for something completely different from what you do, tell him where to find what he is looking for - and he will remember you. And when there is a problem with your profile, it will turn to you.

By the way, employees at the stand should forget about bad moods and fatigue. Make sure that a polite and talkative employee always meets the customer.


Stand out

Most stands are assembled from standard parts and look roughly the same. But if you can't "touch" the client and leave a strong impression about you, he will most likely not remember that you were presented at the exhibition. Therefore, your stand should be different from all the others. Nothing prevents you from draping the stand's walls with posters printed specifically for the event, adding multi-coloured point light.

Hire a team of designers who have never been involved in exhibitions, and let your space look like, for example, the interior of a retro apartment or the captain's bridge of a ship.

Having chosen a design, try to withstand it in everything - from the uniform of employees to the style of printed products. Everything should be thought out to the smallest detail. Then the client will be pleasantly surprised by the picture's integrity and will highlight and remember your stand.

You can also organize any events in which visitors will be interested in participating, for example, a quiz with small prizes. All this will favorably distinguish you from monotonous neighbors and bring people.


Use an unusual design of handout products.

At exhibitions, visitors receive a lot of handouts, which are often not even read. A non-standard design combined with beautiful polygraphic processing will also help interest and stimulate the study of your booklets or brochures. Think about the possibility of making products of an original shape, adding openwork cutting or texture with the help of varnish or designer paper. Such investments will pay off!

So, look for unexpected solutions, stand out with creative Personalized table cloth ideas, and play with your visitors. And then your company will stay in the client's memory. He will be happy to cooperate with you and look forward to the next exhibition, wanting to see what you will surprise him with.