Custom Table Cover in the USA are quite popular in advertising and marketing campaigns. They’re used for everything, right from fundraisers, and product launches, to sporting events. Because of their appeal, versatility, and brand visibility, it’s unlikely that they’ll go out of style anytime soon.

Why Are Printed Table Covers Used?

Advertising table covers or custom table cloth with logo in the USA are typically used during networking events such as trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, roadshows, farmers’ markets, etc., for boosting brand visibility. They’re also used to create awareness about an ongoing event, such as a fundraiser, a marathon, or a sports event, to pique the interest of bystanders and onlookers.

Different Kinds of Printed Table Covers?

There are three different types of table covers – throw, fitted, and stretch.

A throw tablecloth is looser and is usually thrown over a table with its folds hanging down. Throws create a richer, fuller appearance. Fitted covers are a blend between throws and stretch. They fit a table’s edges and hang down, maximizing the visible surface area for branding and promotion. A stretch table cover, as the name suggests, stretches over the table and fits snugly down the edges without a loose fold.

There are several different styles of table covers that are available, and you can choose one that’s right for your event. Below are some popular ones:

Printed Table Cover Designs with Open Corners

These covers have open-cut seams near the bottom that allow quick unfolding and placement over tables of different sizes. These come in styles 3-sides and 4-sides.

Custom-Fitted Table Covers

Designed for perfectionists, these table covers offer a wrinkle-free, smooth fitting. Their covers are also available on three sides and four sides.

Custom Stretch Table Covers

These are stretchable and quite versatile. Since they give in the material, you can fit them over your table easily, even if you don’t have the exact dimensions. This is very helpful if you’re not carrying your own table at a show.

Crossover Table Covers

As the name suggests, the design of these table covers crosses over in the front. These covers function exactly like the regular covers, except their crossover design makes them stand out prominently.

Pleated Table Covers

These covers have pleats that look very stylish when laid out.

Adjustable Custom-Printed Table Covers

If you’re always on the go, participating in different events, chances are, your tables are constantly changing. The convertible table covers are specially designed for participants like you.

These covers come with Velcro ties that allow easy adjustment over almost any table size – without compromising the professional look.

What Problems Does a Custom Table Cover Solve?

Table covers are versatile, handy, and up the ante for your booth and stand.

They Hide Unsightly Tables

Would you bring your expensive, handcrafted mahogany table to use at an event?

Display tables are functional, but they don’t do so well in the aesthetics department. A Personalized table cloth does a great job of upgrading an ordinary-looking table into a visually appealing worktop.

Extra Storage with Zero Visibility

Nobody wants to appear cluttered and unorganized with boxes and piles of extra promotional materials, brochures, and pamphlets strewn about. But you don’t want to misplace them either. Solution? Stack them neatly under your table covers to create a sleeker, neater look without the danger of you accidentally tripping over a box.

Additional Promotional Space

Not every venue has space as much as desired, and sometimes, even putting up a tent is not feasible. A table acts as a promotional board, storage shelf, and display zone, and your printed table cover brings brand visibility to the table. (Yes, pun intended.)

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Printed Table Covers


The first thing everyone is going to notice on your custom table cover is your logo. For the best result, get it printed on the front, left, and right sides of your tablecloth.


What’s a logo without a business name? Make sure that your business name is printed clearly, along with your brand logo. Avoid using font styles that are difficult to understand. Go for thick, bold lettering so that the brand name pops out.


The background colour of your custom table cover can make or break your tablecloth. Avoid colours that coincide with your logo. If you don’t do this, you might end up getting the tablecloth in a colour that camouflages your logo.

Most logos work best on plain white or jet-black backgrounds. You can also use a high-contrast colour for your logo. Contact professionals if you feel lost.


This is the first rule of branding. Whatever colour scheme you’ve decided to use, it is advisable to keep the same colour scheme throughout all your promotional collateral, signage, and tent branding. This increases brand recognition among your audience.

What Are the Benefits of Using Custom-Printed Table Covers?


Table covers are lightweight and easy and don’t take up a lot of storage space. While heading to an event, your vehicle space might already be overwhelmed with your tent, signage, marketing display, and boxes containing flyers, brochures, and products. In such a scenario, having an advertising tool that simply rolls up or folds in is a valuable asset.

Extremely Affordable

You don’t have to invest a fortune to get a couple of quality custom table covers ready, unlike some other promotional advertising materials. You can convey your message and branding across without burning a hole in your pockets.

Long-Term Investments

Single-use items double up as great giveaways, but if you want something for the long-term haul, by all means, go for a custom table cover. You can use and re-use them over and over without washing down the quality and printing.

Zero Effort Setup

Except for a printed table cover, you have to spend at least 15 minutes on every other collateral to correctly set it up – whether it’s a tent, banner, fence wrap, or digital signage. A table cover needs a minute of your valuable time, five at the top.

Plus, they’re noticeable, appear vibrant, and oomph up your entire space. What’s not to like?

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